About AyuSutras

AyuSutras is the abode of authentic Ayurved. We offer the wisdom of ancient Ayurved in relevance with the modern sciences. With its roots in Ayurvedic principles, Ayusutras considers every individual to be different. Consequently it offers personalized Ayurved health solutions that help you to rediscover the joy of healthy living. So you receive not just ‘treatment’ but an “Ayurved experience” to take home. It is the only centre where authentic Ayurvedic treatments give new hope to the people suffering from various disorders. We at AyuSutras aim towards your total well-being!!

Services and treatments

  • Weight Management through Diets and Medicines
  • Piles, Fissure & Fistula (through Medicines & Ksharsutra Surgery)
  • Panchkarma*
  • Skin Treatments
  • Hair treatments
  • OPD for all diseases

At AyuSutras, we give full Satisfaction to our patients for their Mental & Physical Health, We are treating our patients under Ancient & Modern Ayurvedic Pattern along with Modern Investigations.
Firstly investigate the patient with the help of Ancient Ayurvedic Procedure ….

  • Nadi Pariksha
  • Prashan Pariksha
  • Darshan Pariksha

NOTE: Anything and Everything you can think related to Ayurved.