General Symptoms of diabetes and Simple Steps to tackle Diabetes

Diabetics & Simple Steps to tackle it

Diabetic numbers are sky rocketing all around the globe. The embrace of fast-food and packet foods as well as refined food in our daily life are some of the reasons, but also not the only reason for this menace that slowly takes a toll of our health and thereby destroying vital organs. As per WHO roughly 51 million are suffering from diabetes in India, and it is continuously spreading like an epidemic.

The people who are prone to get diabetes are:

1. Obese
2. No or less physically activity
3. Stressful life
4. Over Nutrition
5. Wrong choice of food i.e. fast food, high caloric, chocolate etc.
6. Family history of diabetes i.e. hereditary

Lack of exercise, excessive intake of sweets and other starch rich foods are also other main reasons. At this instance, it is worth mentioning what Gandhiji preached: He said people should go back to nature through their diet, eat whole grains, unrefined foods and natural foods prepared organically.

General Sign & Symptoms of Diabetes

• Increase frequency of urination specially at night
• Excessive thirst
• Significant Increase in appetite
• General Body Weakness
• Fatigue even on doing light works
• Lethargy
• Skin problem may occur
• Slow healing wounds
• Impotence in men is a very popular condition
• Loss of Memory
• Sometimes decrease in vision
• Increase in weight

Common Problems which may occur due to uncontrolled Diabetes are:

• Decrease in Vision (Diabetic Retinopathy)
• Altered Kidney Function (Diabetic Nephropathy)
• Decrease Libido (Impotency), Erectile dysfunction
• Numbness in limbs, Short Memory etc. (Diabetic Neuropathy)
• Increase BP & increase risk of heart disease

Some important steps should be taken in your daily diet, which is the explained below in detail.

1) Avoid Refined Food from your Diet

When emphasis is given on avoiding refined food it means mostly of curbing white flour and white sugar from the food and also other such food which is excessively refined or processed depriving of its natural fibers. Use organic raw jaggery, instead of the refined sugar which is made out by adding chemicals; jaggery is good for health because it contains traces of minerals and nutrients which are essential for the body.

2) Ayurveda Emphasis on curtailing the take of Tomato and Potato

According to Ayurveda and naturopathy, these vegetables are part of the family of vegetables called nightshades. This category of vegetables in long term use would not be good for immunity or good health. You can replace tomatoes with kokum, sweet lime or tamarind (in small qualities). And for potatoes you can replace them with yams and sweet potatoes.

3) Go for Leafy Bitter Green Vegetables

Add leafy vegetables to you daily menu, it helps a lot in controlling diabetics. In Indian menu you will find a lot of leafy additions, like neem chutney, which helps in purifying the blood as well as helps in digestion.

4) Use Raw Oils instead of ultra-refined ones

It is good to use cold pressed and unrefined oils like in the earlier times. Use oils like mustard oils and sesame oils in raw state, which has immense health benefits. In Europe it is common to use pressed olive oils and indeed doing good for the health of those who stick to it. According to Ayurveda, ghee obtained from cow’s milk is king of all oils. If pure ghee is available then it is the best option available as it is a solution for good health and helps in developing intelligence and memory.

5) Relish on Sweets but it is better if it is natural

India has a rich tradition of sweets and there innumerable sweets of various types available in the market. During the ancient time even sweets were medicinal and natural and said to have medicinal properties because it contained raw sugar, grains, milk, spices and other medicinal ingredients. Today the scenario is different because the use of artificial ingredients and white sugar which is turning to be a slow poison. Try to enjoy sweets that are made of natural ingredients like jaggery, dry fruits (dates or figs) and whole grains to save your health.

6) Use Organic Brown Rice

In olden days it was brown rice that was used; the present younger generation even doesn’t know what brown rice is and they tend to think that the white fluffy things that get in the market are the real rice. Ayurveda promotes and underlines the use of unrefined brown rice with the husk as we did in the olden times. Having this cooked rice is satisfying for the mind as well as body due to its nutritional values. It has so much healing and goodness in its husky state.

7) Use Herbal Tea

The habit of having sweetened tea is common and is a worldwide phenomenon. Studies point it as one of the root causes of diabetics. Moreover, fermented tea dust/ black are slightly toxic and it is good to avoid its use. The remedy for this habit is to sticking to the use of herbal tea and green tea which is good for health and boosts your immunity power. Try to use jaggery instead of white sugar and to make herbal tea you can add cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper to green tea.

Apart from all above fortnightly Blood Sugar Checkup with Urine should be done and HbA1C at every 6 months.

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