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Skin Treatments

Your skin reflects the state of your internal body. Hence, beauty therapies, just like beauty, cannot afford to be just skin-deep. With Skin Care, you can discover the ancient beauty secrets of Ayurveda as well as find comprehensive solutions to various skin problems. Acne/Pimples Anti-Pigmentation Anti ageing Complexion enhancement Other skin problems like Leucoderma/Vitiligo(white patches), Eczema, Psoriasis etc.

Warts Removal (non-surgical)

Wart is one of the most common cosmetic worries of many people. Removing warts from the skin is a big task, because wart removal leaves marks on the skin, very often. Ayurveda–a system of medicine which treats the root cause of the disease, can remove warts permanently with herbal remedies. Moreover, ayurvedic herbal wart removing techniques lessen the chance of post- treatment marks on the skin and leaves the skin harmless and beautiful.

Hair Treatments

Preventive and restorative hair care program Healthy hair is an indicator of good health. If hair problems such as dandruff, alopecia, premature graying and hair loss have gripped you, then wake up to Ayurveda solutions. Alopecia Thinning and falling of hair Fungal infection/Itchy scalp Dandruff Premature graying of hair Enhances luster and shine of hair

Ayurvedic OPD for all diseases

As the treatment approach in Ayurveda is strictly individualistic, the treatment of the same disease varies from person to person. Hence along with the disease, the diseased also should be thoroughly assessed. It is also important to assess the health in a normal person to prevent the occurrence of diseases. At AyuSutras all these aspects are taken into consideration while treating a patient. We aim at preserving the health of a healthy individual, and treating the diseased one, as is said in the basic principal of Ayurveda "Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam, Aaturasya Vikar Prashamanam Cha...." Herbal Ayurvedic Medicines work at the root of the disease, which not just suppresses the disease but, destroys it totally, helping patient to lead a healthy and a disease free life.

Piles & Fistula (through medicines & Ksharsutra)

Piles & Fistula (through medicines & Ksharsutra) Unhealthy lifestyle and wrong eating habits,leads to various digestive troubles,which result in various anorectal diseases like piles,fissure and fistula. We at Ayusutras examine the problem thoroughly to look out for the permanent cure of the disease,through medicines and dietary correction,and if required through KSHARSUTRA Surgery. Kshara-sutra is a medicated thread that exerts a powerful debridement effect on the fistula tract & induces healing by the fresh & healthy granulation tissues. The Ksharsutra is the mechanism of drug delivery precisely at the tissues involved.

Weight Management

There is more to losing weight than just running on the treadmill and swallowing pills. Our Weight loss program comprises of Nutritionally balanced diets, Herbs to correct the digestion and Ayurvedic therapies,all of which work together to give you a perfectly toned body.